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Club Registration Process

JKA Shotokan Ireland always welcomes new Clubs, Instructors, and Members to join our Association.
Instructors who are interested in registering their club with JKA Shotokan Ireland should complete the
Club Registration Application Form and submit it to for approval.

We wish to make this process simple and ensure that there is a good fit between new Members and the Association.
There are a few points to be aware of as part of your basic steps in joining, once the Club Registration Application Form
has been completed and returned.

  • First and foremost, come down and train with us !
    Getting to know each other as the Instructors of the Club is the first thing to do.
    You will be very welcome at our Hombu Dojo.
  • You must be a Club practising Traditional Shotokan Karate and wish to practice JKA Karate.
  • Club Instructors should hold a Dan grade certification which has been awarded by a recognised National/International Shotokan Organisation/Instructor.
  • Your registration needs to be formally approved by the JKA-SI Committee and therein the Club will be formally invited to join the Association.
  • All Students of 3rd Kyu and above from the Club will be registered with the JKA and maintain an annual membership fee to the JKA-SI.
  • The Club Instructors and Members will be expected to support JKA-SI activities and ensure the good reputation of the Association is maintained.
  • All Gradings of your students will be exclusively run by a registered JKA-SI Examiner and they will receive and maintain JKA-SI grading books exclusively.
  • Your Club and your Instructors will be included on the JKA-SI website.
If there any further details needed in this regard, please Contact Us so that we can help with any other enquiries.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership of an Irish organisation directly approved by the world headquarters of karate: JKA HQ in Tokyo.
  • JKA Shotokan Ireland is a recognised member of the JKA since 1st November 2012.
  • Registration of your individual membership by JKA-SI with the headquarter of world karate in JKA HQ Tokyo for 3rd Kyu and above grades
  • Member registered in JKA HQ will receive an individual JKA WF membership card
  • There is no club membership and no club membership fee. New clubs/ instructors who join JKA Shotokan Ireland will have their club details listed on the JKA Shotokan Ireland website including the instructors’ profiles and contact details.
  • JKA Shotokan Ireland will require proof of club and instructor insurance and dan grade certification prior to allowing the individual membership of a club to join.
  • Access to approved grading examiners and instructors
  • Kyu Grading in Ireland: Minimum Twice per year with JKA-SI kyu grade examiners
  • Our Organisation has provided Traditional Karate National Dan gradings in Ireland for the past 25 years at its annual Spring and Autumn training courses. Kawasoe Sensei is our Organisation's Dan Grading Examiner and National Dan Gradings are awarded by the Japan Traditional Karate Institute (JTKI).

    JKA Shotokan Ireland has also been affiliated directly to the JKA HQ since 2012 and our members have access to International JKA Dan gradings and qualifications examinations at JKA regional training camps.

    JKA Dan Grading examinations are held at JKA Regional Camps with Kawasoe Sensei and other JKA Japanese instructors twice yearly in the UK subject to JKA HQ rules.
  • Access to the JKA instructor, judge and examiner qualification systems.
  • Instructor and judge courses held in Ireland subject to demand by JKA-SI qualified instructors and judges.
  • Access to the JKA-SI national and regional squad training and JKA approved international competition
  • JKA Shotokan Ireland enters the JKA AfroEurasia Championships held every two years (e.g. The 2015 JKA Afro Eurasia championship is being held by JKA Italia in Milan in May.
  • Access to JKA SI run annual domestic championship
  • Discounted course fees at JKA SI run courses
  • Kawasoe Sensei courses typically held twice per year in Ireland
  • Other JKA-SI courses typically held twice per year in Ireland